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Since 1983, PROGEN has been supporting scientific and clinical laboratories as manufacturer of premium antibodies, in vitro diagnostics, and research reagents. PROGEN's product portfolio is the result of close collaborations and a continuous dialog with private and public research institutes worldwide. Consequently, PROGEN products are used widely in numerous research applications and are referenced in more than 2,500 scientific publications.
We would like to share our scientific knowledge, practical experience and technical skills regarding our portfolio in order to help you choose the right product to support your science.

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Downloads - Protocols

Find established protocols for the most common applications of PROGEN´s antibodies.

Immunocytochemistry / -fluorescene (IF/ICC)

IF/ICC Protocol -
protag antibodies


Immunoprecipitation (IP)


IP Protocol -
protag HiPur agarose beads

Western Blot (WB)


WB Protocol

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