Verified Primary and Secondary Antibodies

  • save time with "plug-in" primary & secondary antibodies
  • get reliable data with tested antibody combinations for IHC, IF and WB
  • use established protocols
  • benefit from minimal optimization effort for IHC and WB
  • WB sets available containing verified primary + secondary antibodies

Mix and match antibodies from our comprehensive portfolio of primary antibodies and select markers for many organs & tissues in health and disease. Choose the secondary antibody format that fits your range of applications in research, development, or diagnostics.

Get into the flow by combining PROGEN´s primary and secondary antibodies for your immunostaining. The primary and secondary antibodies offered by PROGEN are carefully tested for combined use. Thorough internal & external validation of these primary and secondary antibody combinations allows easy establishment of IHC and western blot assay with minimal optimization. Take advantage of test sample sizes and product sets that minimize optimization effort.

Smooth Workflow in Immunochemistry

>800 research antibodies

  • monoclonal, polyclonal IgGs, selection of different formats
  • mouse, rabbit, guinea pig, rat & llama
  • rare cell biology/pathology antibodies
  • comprehensive portfolio of cytokeratin & hair keratin antibodies
  • for many lab applications (WB, IHC, ICC/IF, IP, ELISA etc.)

Tag antibodies

  • monoclonal antibodies against commonly used tags (His, Strep, GFP, c-myc, DDDDK, GST, HA)
  • antibodies tested for WB performance with corresponding positive controls
  • suitable for WB & IP

protag single domain antibodies (sdAbs)

  • sdAbs with superior performance and stability
  • affinity tags derived from llamas or alpacas
  • no batch-to-batch variability
  • protag-HiRes: fluorescently labeled primary sdAbs against common tags for microscopy (GFP, RFP, TagFP, mScarlet)
  • protag-HiPur: sdAbs on agarose beads for IP and mass spectrometry (GST, MBP, GFP, RFP, TagFP)

~20 antibodies against 4 species

  • monoclonal & polyclonal IgGs
  • against mouse, rabbit, guinea pig & chicken
  • suitable for IF, ELISA and WB (verified for use with PROGEN´s primary antibodies)

prohisto IHC staining kits

  • carefully synchronized secondary antibodies & staining solutions for powerful detection & visualization
  • few working steps & minimal optimization effort
  • prohisto-HiSec: ready-to-use kits (anti-guinea pig, -mouse and -rabbit), including blocking solution and HRP-coupled secondary antibody
  • prohisto-HiVis: highly sensitive kit with DAB (3,3´diaminobenzidine) as substrate for visualization of the detected target molecule
  • available as set: prohisto-HiSec + prohisto-HiVis

protag single domain antibodies (sdAbs)

  • protag-HiSec: fluorescently labeled secondary antibodies
  • against mouse, rabbit and chicken IgY
  • each antibody is available with 9 different fluorophores
  • suitable for high resolution microscopy

>50 antigens & controls

  • purified and recombinant proteins or peptides as positive controls
  • proteins, peptides and growth factors for experimental flexibility
  • validated and tested cell lysates available as positive western blot controls

Quality control

Application confirmed (bronze) Test of WB antibody performance with positive controls

Highly published (silver): Antibody has a proven publication record                

Externally validated (gold): Independent quality control on relevant tissue sections or cells of every new lot of IHC and ICC antibodies

Validated by epitope mapping (platinum):  Dependable data on selectivity & specificity. Tested for cross-reactivity.



The Perfect Fit for your Experiment

prohisto IHC Staining Kits

PROGEN´s primary IHC antibodies are externally validated for use with our prohisto product line, including prohisto-HiSec (antibody detection) and the highly sensitive prohisto-HiVis DAB substrate (visualization). prohisto-HiSec are available against guinea pig, mouse and rabbit. Established protocols are available for the use of our IHC primary and secondary antibodies.

Figure: IHC of human colon using anti-Keratin K20 (Cat. No. 61026) and prohisto-HiSec anti mouse HRP (Cat. No. PRSTAM) + prohisto-HiVis DAB duo (Cat. No. PRDAB1) (courtesy of J.Heß).




Western Blot Anitbody Sets

PROGEN´s primary western blot antibodies are thoroughly tested and verified for use with our secondary antibodies. Combine PROGEN´s HRP-coupled secondary antibodies against guinea pig, mouse or rabbit with our primary antibodies and benefit from established protocols and dilutions to generate reliable data. 

Figure: WB with anti-p62 antibody (Cat. No. GP62-C, 1:1000), PLC whole cell lysate (2.5 - 10 µg) western blot control (Cat. No. 64006), secondary antibody: anti-guinea pig HRP (Cat. No. 90001, 1:5,000).



Western Blot Controls

Take control of your western blot data by using our verfied western blot controls. PROGEN offers a range of tested and validated whole cell lysates for a selection of our antibodies with defined concentrations for the detection. Either available separately or in sets of antibody + validated western blot control.

Figure: WB with anti-Keratin K19 antibody (Cat. No. 61029, 1:100), MCF7 whole cell lysate (5-10 µg) (Cat. No. 61029-WBC).






protag-HiSec Microscopy

PROGEN´s protag product line, including fluorescently labeled primary & secondary single domain antibodies allows advanced protein detection by high resolution microscopy. Primary antibodies are available against common tags (GFP, RFP. TagFP & mScarlet) whereas the secondary antibodies are available against mouse, rabbit and chicken IgY, respectively. Benefit from a high flexibility by choosing from nine different fluorophores available for each antibody.

Figure: Rat hippocampus neurons stained with rabbit anti-VGluT 1 and protag-HiSec anti-rabbit IgG-X2 Abberior® Star 580 (Cat. no. 80101; red). Co-staining with mouse MAP 2 (green) and DAPI for nuclear staining (blue)(courtesy of NanoTag Biotechnologies GmbH).