PROGEN lottery

"Buying antibodies is like playing the lottery!" With this motto, PROGEN is taking the opportunity of its 35th company anniversary to thank the life science community around the world for their long-standing trust and confidence in PROGEN´s products. Since the loyalty of our customers is the foundation on which PROGEN was able to evolve to an established antibody supplier, we have initiated the PROGEN lottery to convey our appreciation.

Get your PROGEN lottery ticket (together with your antibody order or by writing an email with specified mailing address to infoprogencom)and register your personal scratch code on our website to participate in the PROGEN lottery*.


PROGEN lottery winners

Weekly drawing (every Friday):

November 16th:

November 23rd:

November 30th:

December 7th:

December 14th:


Year-end drawing (Dec 18th):

1. Apple watch


2. JBL headphones


3. Anker powerbank



Everybody age 18 or older with a PROGEN lottery* ticket can participate in the prize drawing, except PROGEN employees and distributors. The participation is independent of PROGEN product purchase.

PROGEN lottery* tickets with your personal scratch code are provided with each antibody order. Alternatively, you can contact infoprogencom with a specified mailing address that we will use to send your personal lottery ticket.

Your individual scratch code authorizes your participation in the PROGEN prize drawing. The codes registered on our website will be used for the weekly drawings to identify the lucky winners. Furthermore, independent of the weekly drawings, all of the registered scratch codes remain in the lottery* for the final year-end drawing.

The PROGEN lottery* starts November 7th.

The PROGEN lottery* ends with the year-end drawing on December 18th. However, codes must be registered until December 17th to ensure participation in the year-end drawing.

The registration deadline for your personal scratch code is December 17th. Codes that are registered later than December 17th cannot be considered for the year-end drawing.

Weekly drawings: every Friday, starting Friday November 16th
Year-end drawing: December 18th

Primarily, our email address is necessary for the notification of the lucky winners of our drawings. Furthermore, participants of the PROGEN lottery* agree to the use of their email addresses for commercial purposes e.g. emailings. 

For participation in the PROGEN lottery*, specification of an email address is mandatory. After the drawings, winners will be notified by email and will be announced on the PROGEN lottery homepage.

In case your question was not addressed in the FAQs, please write an email to infoprogencom.

*The lottery, organized by PROGEN Biotechnik GmbH ends Dec. 18, 2018. Lottery participation is independent of PROGEN product purchase. Everybody age 18 or older with a lottery ticket can participate except PROGEN employees and distributors. Winners are announced on PROGEN's homepage and notified by email. Participants agree to the use of their email addresses for commercial purposes, e.g. emailings. For questions contact: infoprogencom

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