IHC - A Powerful Tool in Research and Diagnostics

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a well-established and very effective microscopy-based method, allowing visualization of cellular components (e.g. proteins or macromolecules) in cells and tissue samples. The method can detect and localize cellular components as well as provide information about their biological state. IHC is frequently used in health care and pathology as a powerful tool in diagnostics and therapy but also in basic research for the analysis of proteins and their role in health & disease. Since the invention of the IHC in the 1940s, the range of applications has steadily grown due to an increasing availability of specific antibodies against diverse targets and advanced detection technologies.

While IHC is a well-established and robust technique, the establishment of an IHC assay requires precise optimization, since it depends on several factors, such as target molecule characteristics, choice of primary antibody and analyzed tissue or cells. These factors play an important role in the production of reliable and reproducible data and are often underestimated.


prohisto - IHC Staining Kits

PROGEN´s prohisto product line includes synchronized kits for secondary antibody detection (prohisto-HiSec) as well as for the visualization with the DAB substrate (prohisto-HiVis). All products are carefully optimized for IHC, ICC and ISH.


The prohisto-HiSec products are secondary antibody kits for IHC, containing suitable blocking solution as well as the HRP-coupled secondary antibody for detection. Available as anti-guinea pig, anti-mouse and anti-rabbit detection kit. 


The prohisto-HiVis contains the chemical substrate DAB (3,3´diaminobenzidine) for visualization of the detected target molecule.



  • highly sensitive
  • ready-to-use
  • polymerized peroxidase detection system
  • limited steric interference
  • enhanced target accessibility
  • efficient staining of nuclear & membrane antigens


  • highly sensitive
  • easy handling, mix 1:1
  • heat-resistant
  • allows IHC/ISH double-labelling
  • can be dehydrated, cleared & permanently mounted
  • can be viewed by dark-field & electron microscopy

prohisto - Relaxed IHC Handling

The combination of the prohisto-HiSec and prohisto-HiVis IHC kits allows an easy establishment of IHC assays with minimal optimization effort. The secondary antibody detection (prohisto-HiSec) and visualization with the DAB substrate (prohisto-HiVis) has been carefully synchronized. In addition, the prohisto product line has been externally validated for use with a selection of PROGEN´s primary IHC antibodies. The prohisto-HiSec and prohisto-HiVis are also available as set, including the secondary antibody detection (either anti-guinea pig, anti-mouse or anti-rabbit) and the DAB substrate (prohisto-HiVis).

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