PROGEN antibodies - highly validated

PROGEN offers a comprehensive portfolio of well published premium antibodies for research & diagnostics. In order to provide optimal data on selectivity and specificity of our western blot antibodies, PROGEN recently launched a quality initiative to generate even more reliable data on our antibodies for the life science research community. In this regard we utilize the peptide mapping technology of our collaborator PEPperPRINT to validate selectivity and specificity of the majority of our western blot antibodies.


  • generation of a peptide microarray with peptides of 15 aa of the relevant target antigen (each with 14 aa overlap)
  • incubation with target antibody and fluorescently labelled secondary antibody
  • spot pattern of immunoreaction represents binding of the antibody to specific peptide fragments    
  • identification of a stretch of adjacent peptides with consensus motif representing the binding epitope by microarray scan and intensity plot

This unique peptide mapping technique allows us to precisely identify the binding epitope sequence of antibodies along with a broad specificity profile. By using this thorough validation method for the majority of PROGENs western blot antibodies we want to underline the high quality of our antibodies and offer additional value to the research community.

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Tutorial: 3 steps to choose the right antibody

Only antibodies that fit your application will lead to successful experiments.
The following infographicsummarizes three major aspects that will guide you in selecting the right antibody for your research.


Information on individual antibodies

Keratins - more than structural components

Keratins are a large family of structural proteins expressed in a highly tissue- and differentiation-specific manner. They are involved in establishing apico-basal polarization, regulating motility and cell size and even play a role in complex cellular events such as protein synthesis, membrane traffic or cell signaling. Highly specific keratin antibodies are useful tools as ubiquitous epithelial markers to study the multiple roles of keratin in cell biology and cancer diagnosis & prognosis.

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p53 mouse monoclonal antibodies

The p53 protein is a cell cycle regulator and as such a key tumor suppressor that induces growth arrest or apoptosis in tumor cells of different origin. The molecule is under intense study in oncological and cell biology research and reliable antibodies are required for immunohistology and western blot.

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AAV antibodies

Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) is a nonpathogenic virus that is widely used as vector in gene therapy. In view of this scientific and preclinical significance, PROGEN is providing AAV antibodies that specifically recognize intact virus capsids as well as antibodies specific to AA-viral subunits and replicases.

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Perilipin antibodies

PERILIPINs are proteins of the membrane surrounding lipid droplets (LD). Perilipin antibodies are useful for the characterization of LD subpopulations with their multifunctional properties in health and disease, including lipid transport, lipogenesis and lypolysis.

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p62/SQSTM1 antibodies

The p62 protein plays a central role in ubiquitin-associated degradation and autophagy where it acts as a selective autophagy receptor, assembled in filamentous polymers and shuttling ubiquitinylated proteins to the autophagosomes.

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